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Police turning investigation over to Social Services in Fergus Falls

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Fergus Falls, MN (WDAY TV) - A dramatic turn today to that 4-hour standoff in Fergus Falls. Police are no longer investigating it as a crime, but are turning their investigation over to Social Services.


A woman claimed someone who was armed, was in her house, and had harmed a child. No suspect was ever found.

Today, some are questioning if police tactics were excessive. But authorities say they had no reason to take the situation lightly.

Authorities say a search of the home found no evidence of assault, but did recover what appears to be a controlled substance.

A SWAT team training nearby responded immediately and police say they sent out extra reinforcements because of a similar call to the same address last month. 

Chief Kile Bergren/ Fergus Falls Police: “The caller had indicated that a man was in the house assaulting her and that he had a firearm. During that incident, officers responded to the scene. They did make an arrest and they did seize a firearm at that time.”

Police searched Julene Ruby's home and then told her to take shelter. And although she says the entire experience was terrifying, she's thankful authorities took extra precautions.

Julene Ruby/ Neighbor: “I gave them a big thank you for the neighborhood, you know. It was quiet, you know. It was really unbelievable.”

Authorities say the caller appears to be suffering from delusions. And while Social Services are assessing the woman's mental and physical health her son is the county's custody.

Police say the Otter Tail County Attorney's office will determine whether or not the woman will face criminal charges.