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Pot vending machine- It's "high" tech (w/video)

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Pot vending machine- It's "high" tech (w/video)
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As Colorado continues its experiment as one of the first states to allow legal marijuana use and sales a "high" tech solution is coming to dispensaries.

Nelson Garcia shows us the unveiling of a vending machine that promises to make pot purchases faster and easier without being accessible to children.

The Vail Valley is no stranger to celebrities.

But, people here have never seen a celebrity like this.

Stephen Shearin is COO of the company unveiling Zazzz, the object of everyone's photographs. The first pot product vending machine, which verifies a user's age starting with their driver's license.

Stephen Shearin/ Chief Operating Officer, Tranzbyte: "At which point, multiple cameras would allow us to use some advanced biometrics to make absolutely sure that the person who swiped that card is the owner of that card."

The Zazzz will not be out in the public. The machines can only be located inside a licensed dispensary.

Herbal Elements in Eagle Vail will house the first one. Owner Greg Honan is excited.

Greg Honan/ Owner, Herbal Elements: "You can really stack inventory in a safe manner in a concentrated area."

Shearin compares it to the automated express checkout at the grocery store, making this faster and safer.

The machine will track pot products...

Honan: "We'll have a Blue Koodoo, and Beyond Mars, Chocolates, tea." using radio frequency ID chips.

Honan: "There's no theft issue. There's no product disappearing."

And they say with the security measures and locations only inside dispensaries people shouldn't worry about pot getting into the wrong hands.

Shearin: "I'm the father of a 12-year-old daughter and I wouldn't want her having access to it. So, we paid close attention to that."

Attention of a celebrity for a machine.

Jerry Skinner/ Visitor from Massachusetts: "Almost like it's part of history, if it works out. You know what I mean. It could be a big thing. So, I figured why not."

This is something you just can't make-up.

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