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Preparing for the Red River Valley Fair takes almost a year

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Preparing for the Red River Valley Fair takes almost a year
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West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The Red River Valley Fair is opening tomorrow, but getting to this point was no small feat.


Getting ready for one of the biggest events of the year in Fargo Moorhead takes some time.


Bryan Schulz/ RRVF General Manager: "We'll start doing entertainment in October, we start booking all our free stage in November-December, and carnival, we've got those booked out for 3 years and food vendors they'll sign up for next year right away. So, it's kind of a 365 day adventure for us."

And with this much planning... A lot of man power is needed.

Schulz: "We bring on about 125 staff the week of the fair." 

And that's not including the carnival staff.

Ted Buzinis/ Spectacular Attractions, Inc.: "We employ probably, and subcontract, I'm going to say our crew would be, for the whole carnival, maybe 300-350 people."

Some rides can take hours to put together... Other like Hog Wild here only take about 45 minutes. Once there built though, the job still isn't done... It takes about 2 hours to clean the dirt off of rides like Star Streak here.

Buzinis: "If it takes us 2 days. It's 2 days. 3 days, 3 days. If we have to do it over night, we get it up in the air. We have crews waiting."

Along with the fair, a crew of about 20 people take around 2 or 3 days to set up the grandstands area.

Schulz: "Entertainers will start showing up tomorrow morning and they'll do sound checks and getting the stages and everything ready."

Red River Valley Fair staff have over 100 two way radios keeping communication between the multiple management teams open.

Schulz: "I've got grounds operations. I've got our marketing team. We've got our special events team. We've got our office team and then we've got like our vendor team."

…that all make this week long event happen.

Schulz: "We've been doing this for a little over 100 years. So, we kind of got it down to a science.">

The fair opens at 11 tomorrow and it's free admission from 11 to 1 at the main gate. Also, WDAY will be live on the Fairgrounds at 5 and 6 Tuesday.

Bryn Nelson
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