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Ramsey County Commission replaces its representative on the Law Enforcement Center board

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The Lake Region Law Enforcement Center has been facing heavy scrutiny for months.

Now, amid that controversy, the Ramsey County Commission has replaced its representative on the Law Enforcement Center board.


The Juvenile detention facility at the center has been closed since late March, due to staffing violation.

The center has faced significant financial and staffing issues since then.

The Ramsey County commission Friday removed Bill Mertens as its representative on the board, in a four to one vote.

Mertens was the chairman of the board.

He says he's been doing what's right for the center, but other commissioners say the board isn't doing anything to solve problems at the law enforcement center.

Bill Mertens, Ramsey County Commission said, "I feel I've spent a lot of time informing myself as to the operations and the direction the board needs to be taking, and I think that I've done a good job."

Myrna Heisler, Ramsey County Commission said, "We need to work together. Everyone needs to work together, and I didn't feel that that could continue to happen with Mr. Mertens at the helm."

The county commission voted to send commissioner Ed Brown to the board at Mertens' replacements.