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Rental prices increasing in North Dakota

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News Grand Forks,ND
Rental prices increasing in North Dakota
Grand Forks ND 2220 South Washington

Bismarck, ND (WDAY TV) - Those numbers point to North Dakota as an area of economic success. But the current climate is also causing some people to have to abandon their homes.

Meet Rosemary Fleck and her two companions Scooter and Zoe.

"They're my family."

This is their home. An apartment she says she can no longer afford.

"What I pay for rent is practically half of my social security income," says Rosemary Fleck, who is struggling to pay rent.

She's lived at this address for a little over three years. And every year rent has gone up.

She's gone to state legislators to express her concerns for seniors living in the state capital.

"I said we have so much money in North Dakota. Why cannot they build a low-income housing?,” says Rosemary.

An issue that AARP also wants to bring more attention to.

"Looking to some of our leadership to say yes, we need to be addressing these issues and find some ways to be more attentive to the needs of our older population," says Janis Cheney of AARP.

"When one in four individuals use it as more than 90 percent of their income in North Dakota that are on social security, that's a big chunk," says Josh Askvig of AARP.

A chunk that's prompted Rosemary at 79 years old, to go back to work.

"I'm not going to be able to pay my rent and buy groceries and keep my cats if I don't find a way to earn extra money,” says Rosemary.

So off she goes,

"A little nervous."

Ready, as she says, to start her life again.

Rosemary applied at Walmart recently, and will find out soon if she got the job.