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Riding for a Good Cause at St. Jude Saddle Up and Show You Care Horse Show

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Crookston, MN (WDAY TV) - More than a dozen horse riders came together to ride for a good cause.

The St. Jude Saddle Up and Show You Care horse show took place in Crookston Sunday.


With the dirt flying, and the little ones bouncing, there's no other place that Alissa Hernandez would rather be that at the Saddle Up and Show You care Horse Show

Alissa Hernandez\Saddle Up & Show You Care Rider: “St. Jude is a really good cause. I used to donate to them. And now that I'm not doing it anymore. I figured this would be a really great way to give back.”

Over 20 riders took part in the benefit show. Young and old riding together for a good cause.

Paul Arens\Saddle Up & Show You Care Organizer: “It's not out for getting the biggest trophy or stuff like that or getting points for year-end series. It's just to come out and have some fun and show you care.”

Riders weaving polls and barrels, others bidding on a silent auction and taking part in a raffle, all proceeds going to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Paul: “My son actually the first weeks of his life, spent 6 weeks in the NICU. And it's always been one of my wives favorite charities. So St. Jude has always been on the top of our mind for charities we want to do something for.”

Those involved with today's event say the horse show is great. But the day is about much more.

Heather Arens\Saddle Up & Show You Care Organizer: “Just knowing that I'm helping children, helping families to be able to be with them. And just, hoping to help.”

Paul: “We can't monetarily support St. Jude so we do this through our efforts, our fundraising this way. It's our way of helping out.”

A day spent riding for others. A good cause shared together by all involved.

Hernandez: “It's fun to come to the shows and see how all the people you're friends with, see some familiar faces. And it's fun to spend the day with the horses.”

All proceeds from today's event are to be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Michael Yoshida