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Russ McDonald gave testimony on child safety at house sub-committee hearing in Washington DC

Child safety on the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation was at the forefront of a house sub-committee hearing Tuesday in Washington DC.

Within the last 3 years, at least 4 children have been found dead on the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation.

Spirit Lake tribal chairman Russ McDonald gave a testimony to report on the progress being made to keep children safe on the reservation, and the obstacles still left to overcome.

McDonald told the Indian and Alaska native Affairs subcommittee law enforcement, child protection services, tribal court and tribal social services have been underfunded by 60 percent.

He also went on to say while there is still a lot of work to be done, progress is being made. 

Spirit Lake tribal chairman, Russ McDonald said, "Thank you again for holding this hearing and granting me the opportunity to advocate for the children of the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation I hope this represents an effort by congress to understand the current position of the tribe and support the furtherance of our progress to heal a broken system ."