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Shutdown could soon affect millions of veterans who will not receive their disability compensation

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If the Government shut down continues, it could affect some 3.8 million veterans who will not receive their disability compensation. The head of Veterans Affairs told Congress the shutdown has already slowed the department's efforts to process disability claims.

We talked to John Hanson, who represents North Dakota on the VFW's National Legislative Committee. He says any Veteran who is compensated or receives a pension from the U.S. Government would be affected in some way. Just in North Dakota, Hanson estimates that could be around a million dollars a month in payments that could stop.

Depending on the disability rating of the vet, payments can range from one to two hundred dollars to almost $2,000 a month. He says some local disabled vets depend on those payments for 100 percent of their income. Hanson says the government's in-ability to act is low-balling vets. Hanson says the shut down could also affected educational programs and cause further delays in processing disability claims for returning vets.