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Authorities identify man who died in fiery crash on Interstate 29 south of Grand Forks

Southern California scorched by wildfires, nearly 100 degree temperaures

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San Diego, CA (CNN) - San Diego County, California is hoping for a break Thursday, a day after wildfires consumed the landscape, threatened homes, universities, a military base and a nuclear power plant. Thousands have been ordered to evacuate and schools in the region are closed. More than 9,000 acres have burned.


Temperatures cooled overnight and the winds calmed, giving the crews a bit of a break. Additional air tankers and firefighting helicopters will join the effort Thursday.

The region is bone dry after months of little rainfall and high temperatures. Wildfire season typically peaks over the summer and into the fall. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection says the common theme statewide this year is unprecedented number of fires and fire activity across the state, in many cases two to three months earlier than normal.

According to the National Weather Service Thursday will be the hottest day of the week with forecast highs between 98 and 106.