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State officials and UAS industry leaders spoke at 9th annual UAS Summit Tuesday

State officials and UAS industry leaders spoke to the public at the 9th annual UAS action summit Tuesday in Grand Forks.

Many speakers, including Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley met at the Alerus center and spoke to members of the public, the FAA and other members in the industry,  about the promise of UAS applications and what this means for Grand Forks as the first of six test sites to become operational.

In Addition there was also a live demonstrations by the Grand Forks Police Department.

They showed how drones would be utilized in situations like traffic accidents, one of the many ways drones will be used.

Association For UVS International President & CEO Michael Toscano said, "We say we utilize this technology to do the four d's, the dirty,  dangerous, difficult and dull jobs that human beings face everyday, and this technology will allow humans to do things in a much more effective,  efficient and in many cases, life saving way."

Officials say a number of states have contacted North Dakota looking for ways to partner up in the UAS industry.