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Suspect identified in Breckenridge standoff

New details emerging from a police standoff in Breckenridge…

While no one has been arrested, police say they have identified a suspect from what was initially reported as a robbery at the Thrifty White Pharmacy.

The incident prompted a nearly 3 hour standoff with heavily armed law enforcement.

But they found no one when they entered the building.

Based on information from surveillance and witnesses, authorities say the suspect did not have a weapon and the person-of-interest is not considered a danger to the community.

Chief Nate Harder, Breckenridge Police said, "sometimes people, you know, think they saw something or they hear something and they assume things...that it's gunfire or it's a loud noise. Which is it... I don't know. At this point it does not look like it was gunfire. It was a loud noise, maybe a door slam."

And at this point in the investigation, the police chief does not anticipate charging the suspect with robbery, but says other charges will be filed.