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Suspect in Tioga death goes on trial in Grand Forks

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Suspect in Tioga death goes on trial in Grand Forks
Grand Forks ND 2220 South Washington

A Michigan man stands trial for allegedly murdering his lifelong friend in March 2013 at an oil camp near Tioga, North Dakota.

32-year-old Ryan Anderson appeared in Grand Forks for court Tuesday.


Opening statements began with Anderson's attorney, Nicole Foster arguing her client acted in self-defense.

Whereas, the prosecution says the evidence shows Anderson knowingly and committing murder.

32-year-old Anderson is accused of stabbing his friend after an alcohol-infused argument at the Capital Lodge man camp near Tioga.

Testimony from David Nardi, a witness to the events, says that Anderson had been in a physical altercation with his girlfriend when other occupants of the housing unit intervened.

There was a subsequent fight between Anderson and King after which surveillance video showed Anderson taking a knife out of his pocket.

32-year-old Christopher King stabbed 4 times died.

Anderson and one other witness drove him to Tioga Medical Center in a white, Chevy pick-up.

Anderson's attorney, Nicole Foster requested for a change of venue from Williams County to Grand Forks County because she argued the high profile nature of the case would not result in a fair trail.

The motion was granted in January 2014.

Trial resumes Wednesday morning.