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Thousands of drivers changing their routes during summer road construction

Thousands of drivers are changing their routes during this summer's road construction.

While the $3 million road construction project on South Washington Street in Grand Forks continues, other nearby streets are taking a hit as well. Officials say normally 20,000 vehicles are driven on Washington street each day. But with this summer's road construction, that number has shrunk to less than half.

Consequently, other streets like Belmont Road and Cherry Street have seen an overload in traffic - mainly around noon and 5 in the evening. The increased traffic flow in residential neighborhoods is a concern for families with children. City officials say closed intersections along Washington are making it difficult for drivers to enter businesses as well. Still, they are able to find new routes.

The project will take nearly 3 months to complete. This is just one of 40 different construction projects in Grand Forks this summer.