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Tribal council member on Spirit Lake Nation will face second recall vote

A tribal council member on the Spirit Lake Nation will face a second recall vote in nine months.

Tribal members challenged Saint Michael representative Mardell Lewis at a general assembly Tuesday night.

Recall supporters accuse Lewis of unethical behavior, harassment, and abuse of authority among other things.

Lewis barely survived a recall last September when the vote ended in a tie. The Spirit Lake Constitution states elected officials can't face another recall petition for a year, but the tribal council voted to hold another recall election on Lewis.

Recall supporters say this vote will finally offer a clear answer.

Erica Thompson Cavanaugh who supports recall efforts said, "That's why people have been upset since then because it wasn't resolved, so it'll finally be resolved now and there won't be a tie this time."

The recall vote is scheduled for Ten A-M next Tuesday, June third, at the Saint Michael Rec Center.