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Two Moorhead Police Officers bitten by two bulldogs while conducting narcotics search

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Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - Two Moorhead police officers, looking for drugs at a Moorhead home, were bitten by two bulldogs. 


A man is in custody, one of the dogs, is in the pound.


Moorhead Police are familiar with conducting narcotics search warrants.

Lt. Troy Jacobson/Moorhead Police Department: "Our officers engage in that activity very regularly."

They know to be prepared for anything, but it's not often that something like this happens.

While executing a search warrant Thursday at this home in south Moorhead, two officers were attacked.

Two American Bulldogs lunged, biting one officer on the wrist and the other on the leg.

They used pepper spray on the dogs and were treated for minor injuries.

The officers didn't expect the dogs to be there, and it's rare that they attack.

Jacobson: "It's usually planned for if we know about the dog. So, there are preventative  measures that are taken. Whether it's a bite sleeve or other measures that would allow us to address the problem without having to use lethal force against a dog."

21-year-old Nicholas Kangas of Moorhead was arrested on Felony Controlled Substance charges.

Police seized two pounds of marijuana, worth $16,000, along with about 600 dollars cash.

One of the dogs has been impounded, until they can locate the proper owner and learn about its vaccination record.