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VA Clinic in Devils Lake now open

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After Monday's ribbon cutting celebration Tuesday is the day the VA outpatient clinic officially opens its doors at Mercy Hospital in Devils Lake.


And workers at the clinic say day one was a resounding success.

The VA started off slowly Tuesday, with only two patients, but the clinic is planning to quickly ramp up to meet demand.

The clinic offers primary care through tele-health linkups with providers at the Fargo Clinic.

Veterans can also have basic procedures done in Devils Lake.

VA officials say they've received countless calls Tuesday from local veterans hoping to switch from far away clinics to Devils Lake.

The goal is to eventually see up to seven patients a day.

The clinic has been in the works for ten years.

VA officials say it's great to see enthusiasm for the clinic after all that time.

Amy Blakeway, Fargo VA said, "I'm very excited for it to be open. I've been with the VA for many years, and so the talk of having a Devils Lake Clinic has been around for quite some time."

The clinic is currently open on weekdays from eight to noon. If the demand is there, the clinic would consider expanding its hours.

The local veterans service officer for Ramsey says he's hoping to start a volunteer group to keep veterans company in the waiting room at the new clinic.