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Woman, son spend 16 hours trapped in car by blizzard

Latesa Adamsen and her 6-year-old son Dylan Ryba survived 16 hours in their car during last Friday's blizzard after they drove into a ditch on County Road 9 west of Larimore, N.D. Photo:John Stennes/Grand Forks Herald2 / 3
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A story of winter survival -- A woman and her six-year-old son trapped in their car for 16 hours in the midst of blizzard survived by eating pepperoni slices off of a frozen pizza.

Latesa Adamsen and her son Dylan Ryba were headed to their home outside of Larimore this past friday when they were caught in the blizzard and ended up in a ditch. They say the experience has taught them to be more prepared and to pass that message on to others.

Latesa was leaving her job at the good Samaritan Society home care -- she said she had no idea a winter storm was headed her way and that "we don't get to see much of the news at work, I just heard the roads were icy." She picked up her son Dylan and they started to head home. Blowing snow limited visibility and as soon as Adamsen turned onto county road nine she couldn't see anything. With no view of the roadway, she drove into the ditch.

With a broken phone that couldn't hold a charge, they were unable to call for help, and 35 mile per hour winds denied them any chance to dig the vehicle free of snow. Amandsen checked the time, and knew when the clock read 7pm, that they were stuck for the night. As conditions cleared Amandsen noticed a farm in the distance and in the morning they tried to make the trek. The two made it 50 feet before Dylan couldn't go any further. Amandsen grabbed her son and got back in the car.

Dylan told his mom "we're never doing that again." The short trip resulted in minor frostbite on Dylan's earlobe and Adamsen's back and two fingers. With the car running out of gas Amandsen said to her son, "why don't we pray to God and see if he can help us." According to Amendsen, moments later a man in a snowplow came upon the car and pulled them from the ditch.

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