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http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/837/50/50/ MS. SIMPLICITY
Organized Living Lessons From My Dog
  Losing a pet is never an easy thing. Before we lost our dog Rex I had only lost one other pet and I was in college and the world revolved around me at that time so it had little impact on me...
3/25/14 at 12:21 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2479/50/50/ STAFF BLOGGRAND FORKS GOURMET
Fabulous franks at GF's 'DogMahal DogHaus'
What's better on a swelteringhot summer day than a juicy hot dog fresh off of the grill, slathered with ketchup and mustard? Well, there may be a few things that come close, but for me, the hot dog i...
5/26/13 at 2:20 PM
Pizza Hut Unveils 'Hot Dog Stuffed Crust' Pie 4/16/12 at 1:11 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2712/50/50/ NDAD @ AREAVOICES
Winter weather checklist provides planning guide for people with disabilities, health challenges
Severe winter weather has arrived early forportions of eastern North Dakota and neighboring Minnesota.Count some people with physical, medical, cognitive or sensory disabilities among thosecaught by s...
10/4/12 at 1:05 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2333/50/50/ COMPASS POINTS
Don't forget about dogs, other pets in this heat
I spent a rare weekend at home and, for the most part, indoors and the photos I saw on Facebook of anglers baking in the heat on Lake of the Woods, which appeared to be flat as a mirror, didnt make ...
7/2/12 at 10:06 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/854/50/50/ STAFF BLOGTHE AREAVOICES COMMUNITY
Areavoices Digest #68 - Dogs, Swedish best friends and a Blurg?
I'm so impressed by the caliber of new bloggers jumping on Areavoices. I'm continually astonished by the variety of great information now available on these blogs and in turn on our news websites. Her...
3/21/12 at 10:28 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/561/50/50/ HEALTH BEAT
Swapping germs with the dog
Here's yet another reason to wash your hands after playing with the dog: Researchers in Europe have uncovered a new piece of evidence suggesting noroviruses, the group of bugs often responsible for wh...
1/16/12 at 4:10 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/737/50/50/ CHEF JEFF
Hot Diggity Dog — It’s Twins Time
The Minnesota Twins are on television tonight. They're playing the Baltimore Orioles in an exhibition game. And I'm tuning in to watch them. Nothing says baseball more than a hot dog, and that's why ...
3/23/11 at 2:32 PM
Memorial Day Hot Dogs 5/27/10 at 3:18 AM
Hot Diggity Dog 2/24/10 at 11:17 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/293/50/50/ STAFF BLOGTHE DULLUM FILE
Dogs Versus Cats
1/15/10 at 1:30 PM
Water Dogs & More 4/17/09 at 1:30 PM