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http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/374/50/50/ THE WEST WING
My new favorite blog
Overcoming Biasblog by Robin Hanson From the site: "Overcoming Bias iseconomist RobinHanson's blog on honesty,signaling, disagreement, forecasting, and the far future." Hanson is an economist and Geo...
6/7/12 at 4:02 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2041/50/50/ A MINNESOTAN IN CHINA
Vikings Stadium Kerfuffle
On April 10th, I attended a community forum where Minneapolis mayor RT Rybak made his pitch to citizens about the Viking stadium proposal. I use the word pitch, but it was more like a declaration. The...
4/24/12 at 9:27 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2121/50/50/ NIE ROCKS!
Junior Achievement
Have you heard of Junior Achievement? It is a partnership approach to education involving community volunteers and classrooms. Junior Achievement connects businesses and education by recruiting commun...
12/14/10 at 8:30 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/443/50/50/ MOMSTAR
Classic 1950s Home Economics Films on DVD
Home economics may seem like a dated subject, but this most certainly is not true. After all, how do you think your mother was able to do such a better job than you?! :lol: Seriously though, althoug...
10/18/10 at 8:37 PM