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Published December 15, 2009, 12:51 PM

UND Students Brave Below Zero Temps

Temperatures plummeted this morning to the coldest they've been so far this winter. Combine that with wind chills better than -30 and its wasn't a pleasant experience. Still at UND students braved the cold to make it to the last of their final exams.

By: Steve Bodakowski, WDAZ

With temperatures dropping to double digits below zero this morning students had a chilling decision to make.

Josh Barta: "I do skip classes sometimes."

But for most students it wasn't an option because they're taking final exams this week.

Isac Doll: "The close ones aren't bad for the far ones suck."

And if an 8am final isn't bad enough, the -13 degree morning low gave them more to think about than just books.

Renae Hilde: "you just walk as fast as you can with your head down so the wind doesn't hit you in the face, make sure you have your body covered."

Isac Doll: "Just bundle up there's not much else you can do."

UND says they've never cancelled classes because of cold weather, but they do have extra shuttles on the streets so students don't have to walk to class. For those braving the cold they say its all about the right clothing.

Renae Hilde: "I have a t-shirt on, long johns underneath. I have mittens on for my fingers."

In addition to the cold temperatures a wind chill advisory was in affect most of the day forecasting wind chills to drop as low as 30 below zero.

Ranae Hilde: "Everywhere else people are like oh its like 1-degree out, I'm like dude here its like -15 and we're still going to class."

The record low temperature for today was -28 back in 1919. We weren't close to the record today but the wind chills made it feel even colder .