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Published September 29, 2009, 02:37 PM

County Officials Prepare for the Possibility of H1N1 Pandemic

Grand Forks County has a plan to deal with a flu pandemic... Authorities say the worst case scenario is that up to 40 percent of county employees would be affected by the H1N1 virus.

By: Jessica Dugan, WDAZ

County department heads talked today about what to do if much of the county workforce is affected by the virus.

To try to keep people healthy this flu season officials have stocked up on extra hand soaps and wipes to keep things germ free.

They are also telling people to stay home if they have symptoms of the flu so that it isn't spread to others.

The health department says there will be vaccines coming in soon, but most of them will be used on the most vulnerable population.

The second shipment of vaccines will likely be used for workers who come into frequent contact with people.

Don Shields: "If I had to do it i would have certainly put people in the jail, people in 911 centers, police on a priority list for this, but that was not what the government choose to do and I have to comply with that priority list and if I don't comply with that priority list they will not ship vaccines."

There is also a plan to vaccinate school children, which will probably be done at the end of October or early November.