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Published September 05, 2011, 09:29 PM

Travelers Try To Stay Safe Over Holiday Weekend

Labor Day weekend is a busy time for travel across the country and the highway patrol wants to keep drivers safe.

With two fatal accidents on North Dakota roads over the weekend, the highway patrol wants drivers to stay defensive and alert as they come home from their travels.

Travelers like John Corbishley understand why Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest, and deadliest, of the year. When he left Rhode Island on Friday, he hit some heavy traffic.

"A woman actually fell out of a car, and the trailer truck in front of me put on the brakes, I put on the brakes real hard trying to find a way to get my bike in between the center rail and around the truck," traveler John Corbishley said.

Like many other travelers, Corbishley knows the importance of safety on the road.

"Just be alert. Don't kick back, don't relax too much, and just pay attention to what's going on around you," Corbishley said.

And that's what the North Dakota Highway Patrol hopes all travelers know as they come home from the holiday.

"You got to give yourself distance and you got to plan ahead of time for your travel. You know, not try to rush and pack it in to get home at the last minute. Slow your speeds down, wear your seatbelt above almost anything else," Trooper Greg Smith said.

North Dakota roads saw two traffic fatalities this weekend. One of those was along Highway 2. Troopers say that highway and Interstate 29 are their busiest.

"You want your troopers on the busier highways, Highway 2, I-29 in this area, your state highways where the traffic is going to be there. That way you're making sure you're as visible as possible, and most people if they see you, they'll slow down when they see the trooper out there," Smith said.

AAA predicted nearly 27.3 million people would be on the roads this weekend. That's an increase from last year as more people are choosing not to fly because of rising airfare costs.