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Published October 10, 2011, 07:51 PM

StormTracker Team: Rumors of Record Snow Levels This Winter Likely Untrue

(WDAZ-TV) - There's a weather rumor that keeps popping up about this coming winter.

By: Rob Kupec, WDAZ

(WDAZ-TV) - There's a weather rumor that keeps popping up about this coming winter.

It's about an unattributed forecast of 200 inches of snow this winter in North Dakota.

So where did this forecast come from, and is it even possible to see that much snow here?

Stormtracker Meteorologist Rob Kupec tries to track down this incredible forecast.

We started by checking the various Farmer's Almanacs, The Blums and the Harris say nothing about snow amounts.

Both the Farmers Almanac and the Old Farmers Almanac say we'll have average to above average snowfall this winter but neither one of them say 200 inches.

An Editorial in the Bismarck Tribune was the only place online we could find the 200 inch forecast.

We called them up and they said a forecaster at the National Weather Service Office in Bismarck had told them of the forecast.

When we called them, the forecaster was not available and no one else at the office knew where it came from. But they were fairly skeptical of it coming true.

And this rumor of 200 inches of Snow-mageddon is not the only one floating around.

The one I've been hearing this winter from several individuals is that FEMA of all people had forecast this area to get 232 inches of snow this winter.

In the winter of 96/97, Grand Forks set the record with nearly 98 inches of snow.

To get to 200, we'd have to double the record and that would pile the snow up above that household vents.

So is this much snow even possible in North Dakota?

Well nothing's impossible, but we don't have lake effect snow here in the Red River Valley. We don't get oragraphic snow, which is where wind moves up the side of a mountain and it rings out all the moisture.

And we don't really have a great moisture supply right nearby. Most of our moisture either comes across the mountains from the Pacific or is blown up from the Gulf. So we don't have a fresh, ample moisture supply. It would be really tough to get that much snow in one winter season.

In the end this Tsunami of snow forecast seems to not have any merit, so no need to worry about being completely covered this winter and the flood that would follow such a snow.