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Published October 13, 2011, 09:17 PM

Some Landowners Opposed to Gravity-fed Stump Lake Outlet

DEVILS LAKE (WDAZ-TV) - A plan to take more water off of flooded Devils and Stump Lakes may have hit a snag.

DEVILS LAKE (WDAZ-TV) - A plan to take more water off of flooded Devils and Stump Lakes may have hit a snag.

Landowners are opposing the proposed gravity-fed outlet from West Stump Lake.

Three landowners are still opposed to the gravity flow outlet off of West Stump Lake.

"We have an attorney lined up to possibly take a look at what they are allowed to do and so on," landowner Adam Roerick said.

"(The) Water Board does have the authority to take land via eminent domain. That was given to us by the North Dakota legislature," Joint Water Board manager Jeff Frith said.

Roerick wants water to come off the lake.

"I'm in favor of taking water off Stump Lake but not through this open channel," Roerick said.

He says the open channel would cut right across his land and scar his North Dakota landscape.

"The appearance of it would be just an open sore basically," Roerick said.

He is also concerned about his water supply.

"It's going to just ruin the farms and the water supplies for these farms and so on," Roerick said.

"We don't believe that we're going to cut through anybody's water supply or aquifers but that's something that won't be known until we get out there and do the actual testing," Frith said.

But Roerick says more testing shouldn't be needed.

"They're wanting to get permission to come on our land to do test drilling and I don't know what they are looking for but I'm sure there's lots of data already from past drilling that's been done around here. I don't think they need to be coming onto our land to do any more drilling," Roerick said.

The Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Board plans to file paperwork to obtain the rights of entry for the land but that still doesn't mean the outlet will be built on Roerick's land.

"We could go through this entire process and find out that this isn't a viable route and we'll have to start from scratch and look somewhere else," Frith said.