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Published December 14, 2009, 06:26 PM

Corn Harvest Still Going

It's mid December and farmers are still trying to finish harvesting corn.

By: Christine Boggy, WDAZ

It's mid December and farmers are still trying to finish harvesting corn.

Spring flooding caused farmers to get into their fields late. Then a cool growing season left them with immature crop that is still sitting in the fields waiting to be harvested.

Paul Coppin/General Manager Reynolds United Co-Op: "This is the latest that we've ever had this much out in the field."

With a wet spring and cool growing season, about five percent of the corn crop is still in the fields, forcing grain elevators to extend hours in order to help farmers get their crop to market.

Coppin: "We've had to stay open the weekends, it's just been a long, long, drawn out process."

And now it's not ground conditions that farmers are worried about but yet whether or not more snow will fall.

Coppin:"As far as it being cold, that's not a big concern, I think the biggest concern they have right now is the snow."

Now farmers are hoping there will be no more snow so once temperatures get above zero, they can get back out into their fields.

Coppin:"It's real cold the next couple three days guys probably aren't gonna go out there and try to harvest corn yet until it gets above zero."

Wet weather and muddy conditions in October and November also slowed harvest in some places leaving combines stuck in mud, but there is a an upside to cold temperatures.

Coppin: "It's an advantage for them to have frozen grounds because they won't get stuck."

Coppin also said that with some crop being so immature there may be farmers that let their crop sit throughout the winter and possibly into spring.