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Published December 20, 2009, 10:38 PM

Grand Forks Stores Congested With Shoppers

Stores in Grand Forks were packed with shoppers during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

Six days until Christmas, but many people still haven't finished picking out gifts for family and friends.

And on the busiest shopping weekend of the year, traffic in and out of the stores has been hectic all day.

The weekend before christmas is traditionally the busiest time of the year for retailers.

While businesses in other parts of the country are dealing with poor weather or the bad economy...retailers in our area say this is anything but a silent night.

Twas the weeked before Christmas, and all through the stores, the sound of shopping carts rattled all across the floors.

"I just want to finish Christmas shopping today so I don't have to go next Wednesday night after I get done with work," Camille Wollin of Karlstad, Minnesota said.

"I talked my wife out of doing the Black Friday thing and it came back around anyway because I'm still here anyway," Justin Steward of Northwood said.

Shoppers hustled and bustled like busy little elves, as toys and DVDs flew off the shelves.

"And I found everything I needed to find, what I didn't get today I'll come back tomorrow and get the rest," Steward said.

"No, I'm taking the easy route out, I'm going with gift cards," Wollin said.

Checkouts were ringing, short lines were filing, presents were bagged and workers were smiling.

"The team really does enjoy it though, it's exciting for them to see how busy it is, see if we can beat last year's sales," Target Executive Team Leader Mathew Tate said.

And though parking lots were full and streets were congested, shoppers were patient and kept things festive.

"It's the holidays so just be nice to one another," Steward said.

"You just have to go with the mindset, know you're going to end up waiting here or there and just be patient," Wollin said.

Target managers say they expect more crowds and heavy traffic as the days count down this week.