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Published December 22, 2009, 04:52 PM

Stepped Up Enforcement to Catch Robber

The Grand Forks Police Department has stepped up enforcement in an effort to catch an armed robber.

By: Jessica Dugan, WDAZ

There have been seven armed robberies since December 9th and police say they've had enough.

Grant Schiller: "we are confident that we are going to get the person or person's involved in this, it is frustrating that we haven't caught them by now."

The robberies started on the 9th of December and since then, six other places in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks have been robbed... Including Budget Music. Store manager Dan Meyer says his son was working during the robbery.

Dan Meyer: "He was wearing a mask and my son had looked over and figured something weird was going to go on because of what's been going on in Grand Forks, everybody is kind of alert, he comes in and walks right in front of the counter and he pulled out a gun and said he wanted all the money."

Meyer says when the robberies started he told everyone to do what they were told if they got robbed.

Dan Meyer: "I told him along with all the rest of the employees just to give them the money, its not worth anyone getting hurt."

The Police Department says the longer this goes on, the more likely it is that someone will get hurt during a robbery, but Meyer thinks that might just be the robber himself.

Dan Meyer: "Everybody is getting kind of worried and nervous about it, all the merchants are, and you can legally, as long as you have a concealed weapon license, you can have that on you and somebody might just be prepared someday, and that guy might be surprised."

The Police Department says there are extra officers on the street and they are on the lookout for anyone matching the description of the suspect.

Grant Schiller: "We've stepped up our enforcement in a multitude of fashions, and we are also working closely with a variety of outside agencies too, including local, county, state and even federal agencies on the matter."

And with so many people on the lookout, the police department has some advice for the robbers.

Grant Schiller: "I'd say give it up, its just a matter of time before you get caught, you can't continue to run like this for very much longer. "