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Published December 23, 2009, 02:47 PM


Kyle Pederson also charged in EGF Orton's robbery.

By: Jessica Dugan, WDAZ

Authorities have arrested a man in connection with an armed robbery in Grand Forks.

Kyle Steven Pederson made his first appearance in Grand Forks county court today. The 23 year old was arrested early this morning. He is charged with the armed robbery of the Grand Forks Fairfield Inn on December 9th.

Kyle Pederson: "If you talk to the arresting officers you know its... I was done, I never meant anybody any harm, I'm real sorry for what I ...."

Judge Joel Medd: "Mr. Welte, do you want to add anything further concerning bail?"

Authorities have not charged Pederson with the other 6 robberies in North Dakota this month, but State's Attorney Peter Welte said during Pederson's first court appearance that Pederson has incriminated himself in the other robberies.

Peter Welte: "The defendant has made admissions implicating himself in this case and also your honor, although the matter is under investigation, he has implicated himself in multiple other robberies."

Including the armed robbery of the East Grand Forks Orton's Gas Station on December 18th. Charges were filed in that heist in Polk County this afternoon as well. Because of the extradition request to Polk County and the strength of the case, Pederson is being held without bond at the Grand Forks County Jail.

Judge Joel Medd: "Based on all the circumstances here and the fact that there's a hold in Minnesota, the court is going to order that the defendant be held without bail."

Pederson was arrested around midnight at the Budget Inn Express in Grand Forks. Manager Ricky Stephens says Pederson called him frantically looking for a place to stay.

Ricky Stephens: "He called me up scared and sketched out about something, but he was acting like he was in a fight with his girlfriend. So he said he needed a place to stay, so I hooked him up with a room you know, not knowing that he was the one behind all this you know, because that's just not right."

Stephens says Pederson got the the motel around 10:00 last night... About 2 hours before he was arrested.

Ricky: "I didn't think that he was the guy behind it, that he was trying to hide out from somebody you know, it just really shocks me."

Grand Forks Police are not saying much about what led them to Pederson...other than that a tip pointed them in his direction. The say the arrest was a joint effort between many law enforcement agencies and that they are still investigating the robberies.

Kerwin Kjelstrom: "The teamwork, when the rubber meets the road, this area of the country, Minnesota, North Dakota can be very proud of their law enforcement agancies, federal, state, local. This has been strictly a team effort."

Pederson will be in court again on Monday for an extradition hearing.

With just the two charges against him so far, he faces up to 30 years in prison.