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Published November 27, 2011, 07:39 PM

Runners Burn Off Turkey Pounds and Donate To Good Cause

The Red River Running group held its first ever Turkey Trot.

The Red River Running crew is finding a great way to burn off those extra pounds, gained from all that Thanksgiving turkey.

"It's not a serious run you don't wear a number, you just do it for fun basically," said runner, Amy Dewitt.

"We're doing our first Turkey Trot...But fun runs are more of a way to engage the rest of the community," said event organizer Andrew Knight.

What's different about this race, the fastest runner isn't the winner. No iPod's, cell phones, or other devices that track time are allowed. The only clock allowed is your body.

"What they do is they predict there time for one of two distances that we have. A 5 and 8k and then whatever their actual time is we compare to the predicted time and then whoever has the smallest distance comes away as one of the winners so it's not just for the people who are the fastest," said Knight.

"Something different I think because usually every run's about being the first one there but this one's about knowing your own pace," said Dewitt.

The group is donating proceeds to the Northlands Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in the area. These runners feel it's appropriate for this time of year to give thanks to the groups that help people in need.

"The Red River Runners are able to provide back to the community a little bit but also engage some other runners and just have a great time in the beautiful weather we're enjoying in the Grand Forks area," said Knight.

And running isn't just for those with strong legs, Red River Runners wants to encourage enthusiasts, if you put your mind to it, your feet will always follow.

"All of running is encouraging people to do something they don't think they can do. Everyone's going to have a different goal in mind. When you line up for a race I think you're always trying to do something where you're not sure if you can do it or not," said Knight.

Runners and walkers of all ages were welcome at the Turkey Trot race today. The group races once a month. Its next big race, the Frozen Feat, is in February.