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Published December 25, 2009, 07:55 PM

A Not So Merry Christmas For Travelers

All of the snow and high winds made it hard for people to travel this holiday.

By: Christine Boggy, WDAZ

All of the snow and high winds made it hard for people to travel this holiday.

Mel Hertel: "Nobody in their right mind would be out there."

Steven Bonderud: "Slippery and drifted over and what not, its bad traveling right now."

The department of transportation says the same thing. And while some people were willing to risk traveling out of town others felt it was best to stay put.

Jared Sanger: "Don't do it, just stay home."

With continuous snowfall throughout the day, roads have been covered and high winds blowing snow around have dramatically cut visibility. People that were out today say they were only out for a quick errand or to help get a friend out of a jam.

Jared Sanger: "Were trying to tow a truck right now that won't start and that's not fun."

The combination of low visibility, slick roads and closed interstates have forced some travelers to cancel their Christmas plans.

Jared Sanger: "We had family coming up for Christmas from Fargo but I-29 is closed down."

Others were lucky enough to already have family in town, but now that they're here, they won't be leaving any time soon.

Mel Hertel: "All my children came home, all my grand children are there and now they can't leave and so far they're not fighting."

With snow expected to fall through the night, people out today have a message for anyone thinking about heading out.

Steven Bonderud: "They're crazy."