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Published December 09, 2011, 05:15 PM

Mayville Soldier Returns Home After 2 Years

MAYVILLLE, ND (WDAZ-TV) - The town of Mayville welcomed home a soldier who was deployed for the past two years.

MAYVILLLE, ND (WDAZ-TV) - The town of Mayville welcomed home a soldier who was deployed for the past two years.

Leah Kyllo is very happy to be home in Mayville. She says her deployment has made her realize how lucky she is to live in the United States. She served in the eastern part of Europe, an area known as the "Balkans".

Leah Kyllo's main reason for joining the Army National Guard wasn't to fight in battle for her country.

"To help pay for college so that was my original reason and then I got picked to go to Kosovo, they just said hey you're going, I didn't choose to go," said Sgt. Leah Kyllo.

Kyllo has spent the past 27 months overseas in Kosovo and Bosnia. She worked as a paralegal in NATO headquarters. Although she worked behind a desk the majority of the time, she still managed to make an impact on the citizens of Eastern Europe.

"I guess that's what we're trying to do over there, help them better their country and their situation," said Kyllo.

"Gives them an opportunity to see the world and gives them good skills for life," said Leah's mother, Greta Paschke.

"I feel lucky to live in the United States after I've been where I've been and seen what I've seen, the people there only made on average 500 dollars a month for an entire family so yeah you feel lucky being from here," said Kyllo.

She didn't let the fact that she's a woman in the military discourage her either.

"I had to get used to either being around guys a lot or being strong," said Kyllo.

"Some of the older people, they're still surprised that the girls, women are out in the military and such but they're very appreciative," said Paschke.

The people of Mayville are very happy to have a soldier safe and sound at home.

"A great experience especially for someone from North Dakota. I got to do a lot of traveling, I saw a lot of things in the world and I got to learn a lot and meet a lot of interesting people so it's amazing what the military can do for you sometimes," said Kyllo.

Kyllo says the things she missed the most were American food, TV, and the comfort of her own bed. She's still under contract, she's looking forward to taking a nice relaxing vacation at home, and getting used to being in a routine. She plans on staying in the army for the time being.