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Published December 28, 2009, 08:49 PM

Snow Covered Cars Will Be Towed

Cars that are left in the streets before snowplowing will be towed.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

Street workers in Grand Forks are working ten-hour days this week to get caught up from the weekend storm.

But cars parked on city streets create even more obstacles.

Workers say if they're not moved, they'll be hauled away before the next round of plowing.

Besides digging out your driveway, digging out your car is another back-breaking job.

But streets superintendent Mark Aubol says its either that, or you risk having your car towed.

It's a day when snowblowers are worth their weight in gold. On a city-wide chore, the strength of shovels are tested as people clear out driveways and sidewalks.

"The ones in residential areas, where they're plugged in, the people are getting pretty good about getting them out and working at it," Streets superintendent Mark Aubol said.

City snow plows are still clearing out this weekend's two feet of snow. Grand Forks Streets Superintendent Mark Aubol says cars and trucks that have been entombed in snow will have to be dug out and moved as well.

"Every 24 hours a car has to be towed off the street and if it's not, if it's plowed in and people aren't getting out, when we come on that day of maintenance, we'll clean it out and we'll get the wrecker and we'll get it towed away," Aubol said.

Aubol says they already towed several cars in the owntown area last night. No matter how buried the car is, Aubol says it's got to go.

"No, they're still going to get a ticket if they're there when it comes maintenance day," Aubol said.

Cars left behind will be tagged by city workers notifying the police to haul it away so the department can plow the street.

"And it's unfortunate, some people don't have the means of getting it off the street on a snowstorm I guess, but they'll have to try to find to get around a corner, get it cleaned out and get it on a side-street that isn't maintenance day," Aubol said.

Aubol says some other things to be mindful of as you're shoveling:

Blowing snow back onto a plowed street is a misdemeanor under city law.

It can carry a fine anywhere between 500 and 1000 dollars.

He also recommends clearing off the area around mailboxes and the spot where you put out your garbage cans.