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Published March 01, 2012, 06:18 PM

Bill Clinton Visiting Grand Forks For Dem Convention

GRAND FORKS,ND (WDAZ-TV) - North Dakota Democrats have landed a big name for their state convention in Grand Forks later this month.

GRAND FORKS,ND (WDAZ-TV) - North Dakota Democrats have landed a big name for their state convention in Grand Forks later this month.

Former President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker at the convention on March 16th.

People are excited to welcome back former President Clinton to Grand Forks and this time, on a much happier note.

"Water cannot wash that away, and fire cannot burn that away, and a blizzard cannot freeze that away," said former President Bill Clinton in his speech during the 1997 Red River flood.

The last time Clinton came to Grand Forks was to survey damage during the flood of '97.

"When you have a former president as your keynote address it adds excitement to an already exciting event so we're thrilled," said Grand Forks Senate Assistant Minority Leader, Mac Schneider.

Many think no matter what your political affiliation is-both parties are happy to welcome the former president to town.

"We're going to welcome him with open arms and I imagine just about everybody in our community is going to do the same thing," said Schneider.

"I will never forget what I have seen and heard here," said Clinton in his '97 speech.

"The last time I saw Bill Clinton in person I was sleeping at the air force base with 3,000 other people on tiny cots and he came here to assure us and promise us of federal support of flood recovery," said district 18 representative, Eliot Glassheim.

"If approved, this action will bring to $488 million the total amount of disaster assistance that I have requested for the people of these three States," said Clinton in his '97 speech.

And if he tours downtown, democrats think he'll be pleasantly surprised.

"See the money he gave for flood recovery was put to very good use," said Glassheim.

"Probably part of the reason why President Clinton is coming is because the Democratic NPL party in North Dakota is clearly growing in strength and stature and our state wide candidates are a reflection of that," said district representative, Lonnie Winrich.

Clinton's visit could give those candidates running on the national level a boost to their campaign.

"It'll definitely give Heidi's campaign a boost, Heidi will be the biggest beneficiary," said Glassheim.

"I think it'll boost all of those campaigns," said Winrich.

Some local democrats hope the former President talks about not only the economy in North Dakota but the entire nation as well.