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Published January 12, 2010, 05:19 PM

Turning Used Postal Stamps To Gold

A project in Grafton that started 12 years ago to help a boy scout earn his eagle scout award is still running today. Now a disabled Park River man is taking the lead and collecting used stamps to raise money for veterans.

We all know the old saying one man's junk is another mans treasure. In Grafton it couldn't be more true. These used and other wise worthless stamps are being turned into gold.

Thanks to 35- year old Jesse M and a hand full of others who are continuing a project started 12 years ago to raise money from used stamps.

Susanne Martinson/Collecting Stamps: "The American Legion has a project where they collect stamps and send them to a collector who donates 25-dollars per thousand stamps."

Martinson's son teamed up with the legion 12 years ago to collect stamps locally as way to earn his eagle scout award, it didn't qualify but it did turn into a service project for the scouts. Now Martinson's family and the friendship network are helping Jesse get involved.

Jenny Johnson/Friendship INC.: "Jesse's role will be getting business's on board to save stamps and explain what the issue is, the network will be assisting him to pick up the stamps at different locations."

Susanne Martinson: "Its really effortless and for us to help veterans, cancelled stamps cost nothing, and to tear them off is effortless."

The Friendship group helps disabled people give back to the community. And they say now its Jesse's turn.

Jenny Johnson: "We would like to get as many as we can in Grafton then expand into Jesse's hometown of Park River."

"Boxes like these are scattered through out more than a dozen business's in Grafton for people to put the stamps in. To date more than 300-thousand stamps have been collected."

Thats more than 7-thousand 5-hundred dollars. All of the money goes to the VA hospital in Minneapolis and the Fargo VA medical center.

Right now there's 12 business's who are on board. Organizers say they hope to have collection boxes in more once they get the word out.