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Published September 30, 2009, 10:33 PM

Grand Forks Ghost Hunters

A ghost hunting group in Grand Forks investigates a home for signs of the supernatural.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

We're only a month away from Halloween, which means haunted houses and trick or treaters.

But for one Grand Forks group, ghosts are a year-round hobby.

Night Light Paranormal Investigations has been on the hunt for ghosts for nearly six years.

And on Sunday night, they were out once again to search through the house of a woman convinced she was being followed by a spirit.

Joel Porter/ WDAZ News: It's a moonlit Sunday night in Grand Forks. And members of a ghost hunting group are about to investigate a house. The owner says she's seen some strange things going on.

Lorrie Hansing/ Grand Forks: Fans would go on and off by themselves, I've seen a shadow going from the office to the bedroom.

Joel Porter/ WDAZ News: Night Light Paranormal Investigations works in teams... sweeping through the house and setting up equipment. First, they look for electromagnetic fields and temperature readings.

Todd LaMaide/ NLPI: One of our investigations we had, we were in a room and the temperature dropped five degrees rapidly, and it was in a basement.

Joel Porter/ WDAZ News: Once that's finished, founder Patty Newark leads a second group taking pictures and setting up tape recorders. The ghost hunters ask questions and try to make contact with a spirit, hoping to get some evidence on tape.

Patty Newark/ NLPI Founder: Either they haven't finished what they needed to do, or they died abruptly and not realizing they are dead.

Lorrie Hansing/ Grand Forks: Why he's following me, and if there's anything I can do to help him cross over, be at peace, and leave me alone too.

Joel Porter/ WDAZ News: The group normally spends about two hours on site recording and looking for signs. All of their efforts are voluntary.

Eric Windingstad/ NLPI Member: We're basically just out there as a free service, we're not out there to make money or anything, we just want to help people out who are having situations in their home.

Joel Porter/ WDAZ News: Group members say there's nothing supernatural about their methods. All of their tools can be found at just about any electronics store.

Todd LaMaide/ NLPI: 35 millimeter cameras and simple cassette tape recorders or digital voice recorders and sometimes get some good and compelling evidence with just basic equipment if you have the interest to do it.

Joel Porter/ WDAZ News: But Newark says they take the work very seriously. She says while on cases, more than anything, they hope to give the client peace of mind.

Patty Newark/ NLPI Founder: They don't think it's really going on, maybe it's going on in their head, however, when we come there and there's actually paranormal activity going on, they feel relieved for that, that they're not going crazy.

Newark says after their search on Sunday night, they did register a few EVP recordings of what they believe to be a male voice.

The team is still going through the remainder of the tapes.