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Published January 15, 2010, 09:10 PM

New Canad Inn GM Wants More Communication With Alerus Center

At the Alerus Center Task Force meeting last night, the new General Manager of the Canada Inn said he wants to improve communication between the two buildings and make them more than two buildings connected by a hallway. The Alerus Center says its already been happening.

At an Alerus task force meeting last night Canad Inn's new General Manager Antonio Rossini said the Alerus Center and Canad Inn were two separate buildings separated by a hallway. Implying he'd like to see the relationship improve between the two., and maybe even combine some operations.

Antonio Rossini/Canad Inn GM: "The whole context was we can work together on the same software and things like that and we're not doing that, We do share information back and forth we just want to strengthen our partnership."

Alerus Center executive director Steve Hyman says the partnership is already in place. Hyman says Rossini is just mis-informed about what's played out so far. Hyman says his relationship with the previous GM who left in September included weekly meetings, mutual marketing strategies, shared costs, and they shared trade show booths. Task force members say sometime comments can be misconstrued.

Julie Rygg/Alerus Task Force: "I know they already do work together, they weren't pointing any fingers at anyone just saying communication can improve and expand."

The task force says next week the Canad Inn will present a plan of how they see communication can be improved between the two buildings. The plan could include the two booking events for each other."

Antonio Rossini/Canad Inn GM: " We just kind of threw it out there, I didn't want to bring along both buildings so we can both prosper."

Julie Rygg/Alerus Task Force: "We're just looking for ways to strengthen out current partnership."

Hyman says before 2007 their was no relationship between the two buildings. But hard work has changed that. Hyman says he wants to help Rossini get up to speed to they can continue to have a mutually beneficial relationship