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Published January 18, 2010, 04:39 PM

Local Salvation Army Workers Prepare to go to Haiti

Thousands of workers and volunteers have spent the last five days in Haiti helping the millions who were devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake last Tuesday. The Salvation Army is no exception, and here in Grand Forks at least two workers will be leaving for Haiti within the month to help with disaster cleanup. Right now they're on call. Once they get their shots and their visas in order they should leave within a month.

Ed and Deanna Wilson have seen their fair share of disasters working with the Salvation Army. But nothing like they're about to see once they hit the ground in Haiti.

Maj. Ed Wilson: "I don't think your ever really prepared, we have seen devastation working in disasters."

Maj. Deanna Wilson: "I've always wanted to help people. Its my calling and I feel strongly like I want to be able to help out."

And they will be soon enough. They're now on call to join the more than 700 Salvation workers already stationed in Haiti.

As of right now the plan is to leave within the next month, and they'll likely stay there for at least two weeks if not more to help with the recovery effort."

Maj. Ed Wilson:"Here in Grand Forks we've seen our share of disaster, we understand what it means when your world is turned upside down, Haiti is one of those areas that's seen devastation and have little hope so far."

Its still unclear exactly what their role will be. Right now, the Salvation Army is helping to clean up debris, feed the hungry, supply water and has a medical unit deployed there. Wilson says they're role will likely include most of that."

Maj. Ed Wilson: "Most likely we'll be in the field serving meals, helping with debris removal."

Maj. Deanna Wilson: I like to be able to pray with people and of course help to serve they're needs."

Once they get malaria shots and get their visas ready to go the Wilson's will be put on standby and will head to Haiti.

Maj. Deanna Wilson: "I've never been to the country, I'm sure I'll see things I've never seen before."

Wilson says more could go in the future and they have a list of volunteers who have asked to go. Once they've received the proper training there's a good chance they too could end up in Haiti over the next years.