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Published October 01, 2009, 11:25 AM

State Board of Higher Education Extends Deadline for use of Fighting Sioux nickname and logo

The State Board of Higher Education has extended the deadline for use of the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo until October 31st.

By: Steve Bodakowski, WDAZ

The State Board of Higher education has voted to extend the nickname deadline 30 days with the possibility of another extension after that.

The Standing Rock Tribe would have to request the date be extended to November 30th and show proof it will have a vote and give a binding 30-year agreement if the vote passes.

Tribal chair-elect Charlie Murphy is a nickname supporter.

The state board hopes the October 31st extension will give him time to be sworn in and meet with his new council to talk about allowing a vote.

John Backes: "In my view quite frankly this process we set that we're going to seek namesake approval we have made a great effort in doing this and so we should let their democratic process play out."

Spirit Lake already passed a resolution giving approval.

But today the board says that resolution is not good enough, stating there are too many ways the resolution can be reversed.

The board wants both tribes to negotiate a binding agreement that allows the use of the name for at least 30 years... And they say that agreement would have to be solid with no options to reverse the decision.