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Published January 25, 2010, 04:35 PM

Blizzard Conditions Keep Drivers Off The Road

A nasty winter storm today brought a little snow to the area but a lot of wind. A blizzard warning for the area has been extended until 9 o'clock tonight which has many driver saying off the roads.

From whipping winds to blinding snow, This latest storm had truck stops packed with stranded truckers seeing white instead of green.

Jareth Johnson: "I don't make any money sitting here only when the wheels are moving. I sat here all day yesterday and I'm doing it again today."

Brian Hall: "Its tough, its about the only way I can describe it, you're going fine then all of a sudden you can't see nothing."

"Its not so much the snow thats the problem its the wind. With gusts expected to top 50-miles per hour, visibility is reduced to zero in some spots, Right now highway two is closed from Grand Forks to the Canadian Border. and that has some wondering when they'll get back on the roads.

In fact parts of highway two and all of 29 from Fargo to the Canadian Border were closed today.The plows weren't having any better luck either.

Gerald Siag: "One plow was out this morning, but the winds picked up and we pulled all of them off."

Brian Hall: "The roads are basically clean, its just the wind that gets you. You can't see nothing at times."

The County highway department says they rarely have to pull the plows off the road, and with no plows its likely drivers may be stranded until tomorrow.

Gerald Siag: "Visibility is a big thing when you're driving down the roads the winds whirling around you can't where your going so it's a big responsibility they go there.

County plows won't start plowing again until visibility improves on rural roads.

Wind conditions are supposed to die down by late tonight and road conditions and visibility should be better by the morning.