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Published January 25, 2010, 07:59 PM

Roads Close During Blizzards

The first blizzard of the year is bringing little snow but a whole lot of wind.

The first blizzard of the year is bringing little snow but a whole lot of wind.

The limited visibility has made for dangerous driving conditions. Interstate 29 from Grand Forks to the Canadian Border and Highway-2 from Crookston to East Grand Forks are still closed tonight.

Vehicles in the ditch along Interstate 29 were a common scene as we rode along with Captain Kevin Robson with the Highway Patrol.

Robson says, “We've had a couple of different incidents where maybe two cars will hit each other, but then a number of other cars will get stuck in the mess. They can't move because of the visibility.”

In some places, you can't see beyond the hood of your car. Robson says while the roads are better than during the Christmas blizzard, the visibility is worse.

“The biggest issue is the visibility. It's the 40-50 mile per hour winds that have really made travel difficult,” says Robson.

That's why authorities shut down Interstate 29 north of Grand Forks, Highway Two from East Grand Forks to Crookston, and they issued a no travel advisory for the area.

Robson says, “Today is a pretty difficult day to travel. Unless it's absolutely essential that you have to get to a location, I would stay home.”

If you do have to drive somewhere, you can check road conditions before venturing out. You can dial 511 from any phone to get road information. You can also find links to road reports for North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota on our website at wdaz.com.