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Published January 27, 2010, 07:04 PM

10 Lab Puppies Abandoned in TRF-Area Ditch

The Pennington County Humane Society is the now the home of ten puppies that were abandoned in a ditch.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

The Puppies are at the Pound in Thief River Falls, Warm and safe after someone spotted them in a ditch just east of town.

Dawn Williamson: It turned out to be ten, So I was a little suprised by that.

Dawn Williamson from the Pennington County humane Society thinks the dogs are a couple months old. She says they are healthy and full of energy.

Dawn Williamson: They are gorgeous they are very cute, some are fuzzy, some are smooth coated, They are turning into little monsters, which is what puppies should be.

Willamson says they gave them their first shots. She believes they'd make a good city or country dog.

Dawn Williamson: We are guessing that they are lab mixed with a little collie, and one half a dozen other breeds.

Williamson believes they will all find homes.

Willamson: Hopefully sooner rather then later, we are all ready full out here.

What the circumstances are behind the abandoned puppies is being investigated by the Pennington County Sheriffs department. Williamson says abandoning the dogs could lead to a charge of animal cruelty. She hopes at the very least those who did this will spade their dog to prevent this from happening again.

Williamson: It infuriates me that somebody would be this irresponsible, they were dumped before a major blizzard out in the middle of no where. We were very fortunate that somebody did find them.

They are very friendly,and need lots of attention. That is why the shelter is not only asking for donations of dog food to feed them, but also people to stop by and spend time playing with and petting the dogs.

For more information, call the Pennington County Humane Society at 218-681-8045 or visit their website at www.pawstrf.org