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Published October 01, 2009, 04:21 PM

UND Athletic Director talks about nickname to ESPN

UND's Athletic Director appeared on the show "Outside The Lines" on the sports network ESPN to talk about the Fighting Sioux name deadline.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

The Topic of the Fighting Sioux name deadline was part of the discussion on the sports network ESPN today. UND's Athletic Director appeared on the show "Outside The Lines" to talk about the issue.

WDAZ's David Schwab has more on the story.

Schwab / WDAZ reporter. The ongoing controversy and what was today's Deadline of UND's use of the Fighting Sioux Nickname and Logo made national airwaves today.

Brian Faison: "It not a matter of which direction it goes we just need to get the issue resolved."

David Schwab: "U-N-D Athletic Director Brian Faison appear on ESPN's "Outside These Lines" this afternoon. He told a national audience that is was the state's Board of Higher Education handling the issue. And his department and the University will move quickly after a decision is made.

Brian Faison: "Our goal is just to facilitate the resolution of the situation of the nickname and logo. And at that point we are able to go either way."

David Schwab: Faison was asked how a name change would affect UND's athletic department.

Faison: "There are issues with facilities, there are issues with uniforms. Some of those are more quickly addressed than others. But they have all been discussed within the NCAA settlement agreement. And there are specific timelines in place to make that happen."

David Schwab: Faison said it's important to recognize the feelings of those on both sides of the issue. But he believes UND has done a excellent job of treating the name with respect. Faison was also asked what it would cost UND to retired the Sioux name, he didn't know the exact dollar amount.

Faison: "It will be costly, and there will certainly be some emotional costs with donors and season ticket holders a while, But if that is the decision that is the decision."