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Published July 13, 2012, 02:52 PM

Missing ND College Student Found in Arizona Speaks

For the first time, we hear from Amber Glatt, the missing Valley City State Student who was found in Arizona earlier this week.

By: Bill Schammert, Forum Communications

For the first time, we hear from Amber Glatt, the missing Valley City State Student who was found in Arizona earlier this week.

It's a bizarre journey that few of us in this world can understand. Amber Glatt suffers from recurring amnesia. When these episodes happen, she doesn't know who she or anyone around her is.

In her words, this is her journey over the last week.

Amber Glatt: "I didn't know who I was, and I sat around the house for a while, looking at books and stuff. I started getting really scared, because I didn't know what was going on, where or who anyone was."

"After I figured out how to drive my car, I took off and didn't see anyone for two hours. Eventually it got dark and I saw fireworks in the sky. I followed the fireworks and chased them around town to see where they were coming from."

"When I started to get back to a main road, I started following other cars and eventually one led me back to a bar. That's where I met Kirk. Kirk was really nice, we had that nonverbal communication thing. He looked at me and gave me that "Are you okay?" look, and I said, "Not really." He nodded over saying I could go over to his table."

"My driver's license said I was from Virginia so I told him that I was from Virginia. He asked where I was going, and I said I was just kind of driving. He was saying that he was going to the Grand Canyon and that if I wanted to tag along I could and that it was beautiful up there. So, I decided to follow him up there."

We stopped in Salt Lake City and we were in a place where we could get internet and he looked me up online and woke me up and showed me I was a missing person. He encouraged me, saying "If I went missing my family would miss me so much!"

"So eventually the next day we got to the Grand Canyon, I called the number and nobody answered the first time or the second time. After the third time I called they didn't answer, but then the payphone rang back and she was like, "Amber is that you?" And I had no idea who it was, I was amazed that the telephone even rang. We talked and I told her where I was and then she talked to Kirk and he told her I was safe."

Amber said she regained most of her memory on Wednesday morning.

Most importantly she wants people to know that she is safe, and that at no point during the trip did she feel like she was in any danger.

Amber will be moving to Washington next month to go to Wilderness school and hopefully become a park ranger.