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Published July 13, 2012, 09:15 PM

Police Investigate 3 Crookston Business Burglaries

CROOKSTON, MN (WDAZ-TV) - Multiple businesses have been burglarized in Crookston and police are looking for the culprits.

CROOKSTON, MN (WDAZ-TV) - Multiple businesses have been burglarized in Crookston and police are looking for the culprits.

As of Friday, three businesses have been hit: Montague's Flower shop, the Rainbow Coffee House and El Gordito's Market.

Business owners say they didn't think burglaries, or three for that matter, could happen in such a tight-knit community.

Store manager Orlando Carpano couldn't believe what he found when he came to work yesterday afternoon.

"Just caught me by surprise when I came in," said Orlando Carpano, manager of El Gordito's Mexican Market.

He says El Gordito's was lucky unlike Montague's Flower Shop which was broken into twice and an undisclosed amount of money stolen. The Rainbow Coffee House was also burglarized.

But the lock on the back door of Carpano's mexican market was so strong, the burglars couldn't bust through, but they did cause some damage.

"I opened it and then that whole back door was busted and that's when I called the cops," said Carpano.

"All businesses should be taking precautionary measures that they should always be taking, making sure their businesses are secured, that their money is secured in a safe place," said Crookston Police Chief Tim Motherway.

"Try to keep it closed so they won't break in no more," said Carpano.

Store managers have put wooden boards up on the door to prevent the burglar from coming back and trying to break in again.

"See they busted it open, with a crow bar right there," said Carpano.

But Motherway says this isn't anything out of the ordinary.

"It's a periodic thing, from time to time we get burglaries just like anywhere else," said Motherway.

Will Enlow works next door to El Gordito's and says the news is unsettling.

"It's rather shocking that it's been happening more and more frequently and it's kind of disturbing," said Enlow.

As of now, police don't have any suspects but are urging people that if they see something suspicious, to call 911 right away.

"Don't wait until morning to call us because it does us very little good," said Motherway.

At this point, the amount of money taken from the businesses has not been released and police are still investigating.