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Published August 20, 2012, 10:09 PM

Pabody Sentenced in Clay County Court Today

Today feelings of anger and relief filled a Clay County courtroom.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAZ

Today feelings of anger and relief filled a Clay County courtroom.

54-year-old Jon Pabody will spend 13 years in a Minnesota prison in connection with a molestation case at his wife's south Moorhead daycare. He admitted to sexually abusing two young girls.

The judge asked the state though, to take steps to ensure Pabody never walks the streets again, and is civilly committed.

Victim's mother: "On the front it says: Keep sexual predators away, on the back, since he says he was a man of God, it says: Jesus says it would be better to tie a millstone around his neck and drown yourself in the sea than to lead little ones astray."

Wearing special royal blue "prevent child abuse" T-shirts the family and friends of one of the child victims talked of the trauma, mentally and physically, the girls still suffer after the sexual assaults.

Victim's Mother: "He was supposed to be there for our children, not hurt them. And even if he says he was sorry, if he is sorry he would not have done it. It is an unforgivable act."

In court today the mothers of the victims talked about their daughters' recovery: counseling, psychologists. Sobbing, one mother said "it tears my heart because I feel like I failed her. My daughter lost her innocence and trust. "

Victim's Mother "She is doing pretty good. Like I said before she has a form of forgiveness I am not sure I could do."

"You are not a man, you are a monster," another mom said.

Victim's Mother: "I Feel better that I got to tell him what a piece of crap he is. That is all I wanted."

As the mothers read their victim impact statements Paybody sat and sobbed. He then stood and said "I am ashamed, so sorry. I betrayed a sacred trust. I tried to be obedient, but I failed." The child victims had attended Paybody's day care for several years. He called himself a man of God. And while he is the man who taught one of the victims how to sing Jesus Loves Me he is tonight going to prison for what the judge called an abhorent, deviant crime.

The mother of one of the victims said it was important for her daughter to see Paybody today in jail clothes and chains headed to prison for years to come. That victim wore a T-shirt that said: " It shouldn't hurt to be a child. "