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Published February 01, 2010, 10:11 PM

Benefit Held For Haitian Orphanage

Area musicians got together Monday night in Grand Forks to help raise money for n Haitian Orphanage. Lacey Hewitt, from Lancaster, was working at an orphanage when the killer earthquake struck. Lacey Hewitt is volunteering to helping out Orphans, before that she herself was in a family band and worked as a musician. And now the friends she made doing that are volunteering to help her cause.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Jim West is in one of several bands donating their diddys to bring in the bucks for Haitian orphans.

Jim West: Any chance we could have to help them out of course we are going to do it.

West and other musicians are playing to help out an orphanage where Lacey Hewitt from Lancaster Minnesota is volunteering. West got to know Lacey and her family when she and her sister Ashley played in a band. Lacey left in August to volunteer at an Haitian orphanage. He says now it's their turn to help the orphans.

Jim West: And the best thing is you send money to some other places, so much is eaten up in Administration cost. This is going to be administer by Lacey her self.

In the audience listening to the bands is Lacey's mom Kelli. The Hewitt family adopted three Haitian orphans 14 years ago. They are here tonight to help kids who live in the same conditions they once lived in. Jessica Hewitt says she would like to return someday to care for kids like her sister Lacey.

Jessica Hewitt: I feel in my heart that is something I should do. Sounds like a good thing to do and I like to help people.

The Hewitts had been planning on adopting two more orphans, but thats changed since the earthquake.

Kelli Hewitt: We started out planning to adopting two, and then when my daughter was there she found two more she really feel in love with. We decided to get them all.

Tonight money raised with ticket sales, and private auctions will help those orphans who do not find homes as quickly.

Tim West : Haiti is a tough place under any conditions, but to be an orphan under these conditions. Anything anybody can do to help out surely appreciated.