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Published February 03, 2010, 10:09 PM

Grand Forks Talks About Smoking Ban

How far are Grand Forks bars from becoming smoke free? Last night the Grand Forks Tobacco Free Coalition held a forum on the topic.

At Sledsters bar smoking is still an option. But that won't be the case if anti-smoking groups get their way. They want a city or state law that would put cigarettes out in Grand Forks.

The General manager of Sledsters David McGatlin say he doesnt know way there can't be some sort of compromise. And why its such a black ane white issue.

McGatlin doubts if all Grand Forks bars went smoke free that it would affect business. He believes it might actually help some bars across the river where a Minnesota law has banned smoking.

McGatlin: I think you will start to see more people going back over there. They could go back to the east side if they wanted to. Its more of a level playing field

Some say businesses have the right to chose if smoking should be allowed. others say people have the right to work without risking their health. But should bars be the exception?

McGatlin: People who come here to work.. Its not like they dont know what they are getting into, not that there is a surprise about it.

McGatlin says believes there should be some sort of comprise and bonus for bars to end smoking.

McGatlin: Could be an incentive. The city will charge less for you liquor license if you went smoke free.