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Published February 07, 2010, 05:45 PM

Winter Weather Makes For Poor Driving Conditions On Super Bowl Sunday

People going to Super Bowl parties today had a tough time getting there.

By: Renee Chmiel, WDAZ

People going to Super Bowl parties today had a tough time getting there. The storm has been dumping snow on the roads all day, and windy conditions have made it difficult for drivers to see. Between the low visibility, the snow and ice on the roads, and the cold air, people had a tough time getting around today. It was especially difficult on the highways and in the open country. With snow falling throughout the day, roads are also slippery. Drivers say it was not a good day to be out on the roads.

Juan Mata/Out Driving Today: "They're real, real icy and then snow's coming over on top and it's just making it messy."

Walter Amerine/Driving On Highway 2: "Pretty much white-out conditions right now. I've seen a few cars in the ditch."

The blowing snow has made for extremely low visibility, making it especially hard for drivers on the highways. Even a school bus ended up in the ditch.

Walter Amerine: "The visibility makes it pretty hectic because you can't see what's coming up and there's people driving really slow. I saw a car that had been rear-ended by a semi."

Because of the Super Bowl tonight, there were a lot of people out on the roads today. North Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Quentin McCart says there were some accidents, and people need to be prepared when they leave their homes.

Trooper Quentin McCart/ND Highway Patrol: "Plan ahead. Bring something to keep warm. In the rollovers we are having windows punched out, so people were getting a little cold out there. Blankets help and make sure you have a cell phone."