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Published February 15, 2010, 04:35 PM

Grand Forks Police Investigate 3 Stabbings in 10 Days

Three stabbings in about 10 days in Grand Forks have police more vigilant, but they still say there isn't a threat to the general public.

This apartment at 11-15 18th Avenue South was the scene of the most recent stabbing in Grand Forks. Yesterday afternoon police were called to the apartment for a report of a stabbing, the victim had already gone to the hospital by the time there got there though. The police department says the people involved knew each other.

Sgt. Tom Laughlin: "Yesterday's started with some text messaging back and forth and I think one guy kinda wanted to fight and the other guy had a knife."

Even though there have been several stabbings recently, the police department says they don't think there is a cause for concern. They say the incidents seem to be isolated and targeted... Like the one last Friday. Police say a masked man came to the door of Johnny Lazar and after a short conversation stabbed him before running off.

Sgt. Tom Laughlin: "Well, most of the time it doesn't start with knives or guns. Usually, they're at least angry with each other, have words and go from there."

In the first incident, Police were called to the Ideal Inn for an aggravated assault. They say 28-year-old Francis Paul, had been stabbed. But neither Paul nor a male relative in the hotel room would say who had stabbed Paul or any other details related to the stabbing. Police say they think the suspect was known to the victim in this case as well. Even though Police don't think the general public is in any danger, they are paying more attention to what is happening in the city.

Sgt. Tom Laughlin: "Theres always some increased vigilance after things like this happen because you never know if they are going to pull a knife."

No arrests have been made in any of the stabbings yet