WDAZ: Your Home Team

Published February 15, 2010, 10:00 PM

Lamoureux Twin's And Family Talk About Olympic Dreams.

Twin sisters Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux of Grand Forks reached a goal yesterday that they set for themselves at a very young age.

By: Chris Regimbal, WDAZ

It's almost too easy to call this a dream come true. But for this dynamic duos who literally grew up on skates, The Lamoureux's find themselves looking for gold.

Monque Lamoureux: We want a gold medal around our necks at the end of this, so obviously part of my goal is to get here and its part of our teams. Our ultimate goals is to win a medal.

Jocelyn Lamoureux :Really exciting the opening ceremonies were tremendous. Walking out their with all the other US athletes that's when it really hit me. Amazing to hear the USA chant. That's awesome.

Jacques Lamoureux/Brother: Ever since they were little I remember them saying they were going to play in the olympics. For them to reach that goal. Its cliche but its a dream come true for them.

Pierre-Paul Lamoureux/Brother:Its been a goal of theirs since day one. This is as high as it gets for women's hockey. There is no NHL after the olympics. There is no professional league for women to play in. And this is their stage, and this is what they have worked for their entire life. Now that they are here they want to take complete advantage of and try and win a gold medal.

Jocelyn Lamoureux:It's awesome and it exceeding my expectations.

The Lamoureux twins take to the ice with their US teammates again on Tuesday.